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The Right Equipment

Unfortunately, there are times in some insurance claims, that the damage done exceeds a couple of pick truck loads of debris to be hauled away. 

SERVPRO has the means to bring in whatever equipment is necessary. In this particular case, the use of a 30 yard dumpster was the most efficent way of handing the situation.

Get An Expert

Once the storm is over the clean up begins. There are certain things you can do, but other things, like tree removal, which should be done by an expert.

SERVPRO has relationships with many types of contractors such as tree services. 

If you need some help, SERVPRO can steer you in the right direction

Better To Be Safe...

It is not unusual in a storm situation for many people to lose power. If this happens to you and the power is gone for more than 24 hours, you are better off being safe than sorry when it comes to your refrigerated food.

Don't make a difficult situation worse by eating spoiled food

Specialty Equipment - part 2

Many times in a commercial space you are dealing with high ceilings. Since water tends to be cooler than dry surfaces, using an infrared camera to scope these hard to reach places is the ideal piece of equipment to locate wet surfaces

The Water Is Not In The Carpet

When a hot water heater blows and the water rushes out from the utility closet into your family room, remember, although the carpet may be wet, the majority of the moisture is in the pad below 

When Will The Next One Hit?

Where were you when Irene hit? What about Sandy? These "100 year" storms seem to hit every few years now.

It's bad enough if your home is overwhelmed by such catastrophic events, but what if you own your own business? You may close or doors temporarily... or forever.

It is important to be ready for these events, be it at home or at work. Do you have a "bug out" bag? A first aid kit? Water and non-perishable food? And if you have a sump pump, a backup generator is crucial to minimizing the potential damage.

Because we just don't know when the next one will hit

Specialty Equipment

Many times in a commercial loss, the water may seep from the office above and into the ceiling in the space below. But sometimes it is not obvious. This is where we utilize specialty equipment such as this inferred camera to detect where the moisture has migrated.

Saving The Carpet

In this particular office situation, the manager wanted to save the carpet if at all possible. The water intrusion was not big enough to want to file a claim. SERVPRO of North Morris County was able to limit the damage and save the carpet

Soot Can Be The Worst Part

Many times, a fire can be small and not even produce much in the way of flames. But the amount of smoke and soot it creates can be far reaching. It gets into everything. Ceilings, walls, floors and contents. It needs to be cleaned properly to avoid cross contamination and lingering odors.

Fire Extinguisher PASS Approach

The basic use of a fire extinguisher can be best described in the acronym PASS  "P" - PULL the pin at the top of the extinguisher, breaking the seal "A" - AIM. Approach the fire standing at a safe distance "S" - SQUEEZE the handles together to discharge the extinguishing agent inside "S" - SWEEP back and forth at the base of the fire

Team Mascot

Orla has been with SERVPRO of North Morris County since she was born in June 2008. She wears the green and orange proudly and tells all our neighbors from our side deck every morning around 7:00 AM.

DIY Results

Although there are many projects around the house that a handy Do-It-Yourselfer can attack, there are certain projects better left to your local SERVPRO.

This was a water damage that, unfortunately, turned into a mold remediation project.

Removing Only What's Necessary

When SERVPRO of North Morris County is called out on a water loss, moisture measurements are taken to see just how far the water has migrated, and what structural materials have been affected.

In the particular case, it was necessary to remove only the wall of two adjacent rooms.

Floating the Carpet

Many people assume when a carpet is water damaged, the carpet must be replaced. However, many times when "clean" water has affected a carpet, we can use a technique called "floating" the carpet.

In this scenario, we lift the carpet, remove typically inexpensive padding, and run air underneath. This evaporates the moisture into the air and is removed by an industrial strength dehumidifier.

Sump Pump Coverage?

After the storm was over and your sump pump burned out trying to keep up, this is NOT the time to find out you do not have sump pump coverage.

If you have a sump pump, contact your insurance agent and find out today!

Ground Water Can Mean Mold

Regardless of wear water originates, such as seepage from a bad storm, if it is not mitigated properly, mold may be the result.

After extracting the balance of the water in this basement, affected surfaces were treated with an antimicrobial and then industrial drying equipment was brought in to bring this back to preloss condition.

Sump Pump Failure

When the flooding began, this sump pump could not keep up with the volume of water it encountered.

Fortunately, the insured had coverage for the overwhelmed apparatus.

SERVPRO of North Morris County brought in additional pumps to bring things on the road to recovery.

Flooded Basement

Heavy rains for a few days and landscape that drained TOWARDS the house was the recipe for a flooded basement after a storm.

In this case, the water came through the windows and not from seepage.

SERVPRO of North Morris County provided the emergency mitigation.

Wood Floor Decision

Whether a wood floor is removed or not has much to do with whether the floor is "crowning" of "buckling".

Typically, the former can be dried out and brought back to salvageable condition. The latter, as in this case, needs to be removed and replaced.

Controlling Costs

In this particular case, the water damage was not covered by insurance so the business owner was trying to minimize the total cost of mitigation.

They were relieved to find out that the carpet could be dried out and would not have to be replaced.

Trouble From Above

Sometimes you can rent an office space be are affected by an emergency from an upstairs neighbor.

In this case, it was a hot water heater that leaked through the ceiling.

SERVPRO of North Morris County was on site performing mitigation within two hours.

I think the Floor is Dry

When SERVPRO of North Morris County arrived at this office building due to a water loss, the manager felt that the carpet/floor in this hallway had not been affected.

After using our hydro sensor to measure the moisture levels, we lifted the carpet to show the floor, indeed, had been affected.

Keeping Your Business Open

SERVPRO of North Morris County understands it is critical to keep the doors of a business open if at all possible.

In the case of this dentist's office, we were able to limit the water damage and keep it quarantined so the doors never closed.

Air Quality

Depending upon the type of fire an enclosed area, like a basement, can have significant smoke damage. Aside from the cleanup that needs to be done, the air quality can suffer considerably.

In this case an air scrubber was run during the cleanup to both clean the air can help with the odor.

Specialty Restoration

Sometimes after a fire certain specialty items, such as artwork can be affected. It is important, especially with extremely valuable items, they are handled properly so they can be restored to preloss condition.

SERVPRO of North Morris County has the expertise can make this happen.


There are two different approaches after a fire, if the structural materials do not need to be removed.

One is called "clean-to-clean". This means after the item is cleaned it has been back to preloss condition.

The other is called "clean-to-paint" such as this door. This means the item can be cleaned well enough to the point where it can be painted afterwards.

Community Fun

SERVPRO of North Morris County tries to be involved with their local community. In this particular town festival, good food, refreshing drinks and live entertainment was the order of the day.

A good time was had by all.

Sprinklers Save Lives

SERVPRO of North Morris County is proud to be working with The New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board to present their fire sprinkler demonstration trailer. The trailer is open for booking the majority of the year.

Soot Affects More Than Walls

Although this was a minor fire, there was smoke throughout the first floor. It seemed that only the ceiling and walls were affected, but after pre-testing, the soot was found on the furniture as well.

Not cleaning it could have resulted in cross contamination later.

Trained & Certified

SERVPRO of North Morris County is trained and certified by the IICRC.

“The IICRC- approved Applied Structural Drying (ASD) course is designed to teach the effective, efficient and timely drying of water-damaged structures and contents, using comprehensive classroom and hands-on training, in order to facilitate appropriate decision making within a restorative drying environment.” 

Joe - Owner - Here to Help

Joe Brizek is the owner of SERVPRO of North Morris County. He is hands on and works closely with his team, involved in all projects on the schedule.

If you call SERVPRO of North Morris County after hours, you most likely speak directly to the owner regarding your situation.

LEON - Operations Manager

Leon has been with SERVPRO of North Morris County for over 14 years now! He started out entry level and has worked his way up through the ranks. Leon is trained and certified in water restoration, with extensive experience in fire damage cleanup and mold remediation.

Our customers our impressed with Leon's knowledge, professionalism and the empathy he brings to every situation.

He is a valued member of the SERVPRO of North Morris County team

BILL - Customer Service

Bill Townley has been with SERVPRO of North Morris County for over ten years. Bill is knowledgeable in all restoration services including water, fire, mold and many others.

When you call our office, Bill will ask a series of questions to better ascertain your situation and needs before scheduling service with you.

We;re Local

SERVPRO of North Morris County is located in Pine Street Commons at 21 Pine Street, Rockaway, NJ. 

We were previously in Denville but, just as before, we are still your neighborhood, premier restoration company.

SERVPRO of North Morris County

SERVPRO of North Morris County opened its doors over 14 years ago. We have been your local, premier restoration company right here in your community.

Although we hope you never need our emergency services, if you or someone you know does, we are always here to help!