Recent Before & After Photos

Saving $$$

When SERVPRO of North Morris County is contacted by a property manager, aside from mitigating the water damage, we try to keep the overall cost in mind. In this... READ MORE

Loss of Power During a Storm

When a storm hits your neighborhood, there are several things to be concerned about. The most obvious concern is the potential for flooding. But along with the ... READ MORE

Seepage Underneath the Floor

After a couple of days of heavy rain, this homeowner discovered water seeping up from under their flooring. Notice the warping that took place after the water h... READ MORE

You Want It Done Right

This Oak Ridge, NJ homowner discovered extensive mold growth in their residence, thanks to water leak that went undetected for months. SERVPRO of North Morris C... READ MORE

Getting Back To Normal

When a hurricane hit downtown Denville, NJ, the effects on both the local residence and business owners was profound. Although SERVPRO of North Morris County is... READ MORE

The Affects of Relative Humidity

A customer in Rockaway, NJ called SERVPRO of North Morris County. They said "I think I have a mold problem". They described the problem as a "dark substance" on... READ MORE

Why are my feet wet?

It's Saturday morning and this homeowner got to sleep in. She opened her sleepy eyes around 9:00 AM, sat up, stretched and headed to the bathroom to brush her t... READ MORE

Do you hear something?

It was the evening after a long work day and the last thing this homeowner needed was another problem. After hanging up their coat and keys, they went to the be... READ MORE

Unsafe Bathroom

An employee in an office building in Newton, NJ found a small puddle on the floor in the restroom. After reporting it to her manager, he contacted the maintenan... READ MORE

Sewage Backup In Riverdale, NJ

This sewage backup in a store basement in Riverdale, NJ was the result of a broken pipe. Notice the extent of the sewage backup; this biohazard was about an inc... READ MORE