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Do You Have Dirty Ducts?

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know your ventilation
system is often the biggest
culprit in poor indoor air
quality? Inspecting the ductwork in
your facility or home should be a high
priority. In most cases, the HVAC
system has been operating for some time
without much attention. Dirty ducts can
circulate odors, contaminants such as
mold and irritating dust throughout
your building or home.

A routine part of our
service is inspecting the heating,
ventilation and air conditioning unit
(HVAC). Keeping the HVAC and
ductwork clean can potentially extend
the life-span of the equipment by
allowing it to operate at peak condition,
which may help save you money. Duct
cleaning may not always be necessary.
We will inspect your HVAC system and
ductwork and make recommendations
about the best way to address any indoor
air quality concerns. This inspection can
help save you money and provide peace
of mind on the health of your HVAC
system and ductwork.
In some circumstances, such as after a
fire, smoke or suspected mold growth,
duct cleaning becomes an essential part
of the cleanup process. In these cases,
your we can often restore the HVAC system and
ductwork to pre-damage condition.
If you have a fuel-burning furnace, stove or fireplace, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends they be inspected
for proper functioning and be serviced
before each heating season to protect
against carbon monoxide poisoning.
The SERVPRO® Duct Cleaning
System is proven and cost-efficient.
Unlike the majority of duct cleaning
services, we a portable ventilation
and air duct cleaning system to
examine ductwork and make a clean
sweep, removing years of dust and

-The process begins by using
patented equipment, including a
roto-scraper, which automatically
adapts to the duct’s shape and
diameter while traveling through
the duct, removing debris and filth
before vacuuming begins.
-Next, a powerful push-pull air
delivery and collection system
transfers the debris from the
ducting to a 16-gallon container.
-Air is filtered through a HEPA
filtration system, removing 99.97
percent of the particles in the
airstream. HEPA filters capture
debris and keep the indoor
environment clean.
-As an optional process, a sealant or
coating product may be sprayed to
address odor or microbial concerns.
-Filters will either be cleaned or
replaced to remove odor and

For more information on duct
cleaning, or to schedule an appointment,
contact us today.

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